Red Bull Kuwait Loses Millions

Posted: October 24, 2012 by Q8Critic in News
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Red Bull Kuwait Loses Millions

Red Bull Kuwait Loses Millions

Red Bull Kuwait Loses Millions After The Flugtag

after the 3rd Red bull Flugtag 2012 in Kuwait, and after all the efforts this company did to promote its number one product among all energy drinks worldwide.

an event that had more than 20,000 fans gathered to watch Red Bull Flugtag’s triumphant return to Kuwait. and 29 teams that took it to the skies above the Marina Crescent water. Read about it here.

Red Bull Kuwait Loses Millions

Red Bull Kuwait Loses Millions

Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a decision later on regulating the sale of energy beverages in the local market.

The decision includes banning the sale of these drinks to children under the age of 16, and comes to follow in the footsteps of the US Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organisation and standards applied in other states of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Private and public shop owners ” including cooperative societies ” have been obliged to place banners in their shops, that clearly warn against the sale of the products to under 16-year-olds.

Companies that produce these beverages have been told to place warnings on their cans that the drinks could affect pregnant women, diabetes and high blood pressure affected individuals, those with caffeine allergies and children affected with behavioral disorders.

The decision also banned companies from placing misleading advertisements in order to encourage people to purchase their goods, like those claiming their drinks have medicinal benefits or increase concentration, among others.

Energy drink producing companies will now be obliged to obtain a license from both the Kuwaiti Health Ministry and Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in order to sell their products or issue advertisements for them.

Shops that do not abide by the laws will be issued with an initial warning, followed by an enforced closure of their business for a period of no less than one week, if the offence is repeated and a license withdrawal, if the offence is repeated for a third time.

considering the number of teenagers consuming Red Bull and wont be allowed to anymore, i think its gonna be a big drop in the sales for Red Bull.

but still a company this size wont be effect easily, but the local distributor will be counting the hits.

Do you think Red Bull Kuwait Loses Millions is gonna be for real?

or it’s just gonna be overlooked like the Cigarettes Law?


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